All the World's a Stage
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Live album by Rush
Released September 29, 1976
Recorded Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, June 11 - 13, 1976
Genre Prog-Rock
Length 1:19:32
Label Mercury Records
Producer Rush and Terry Brown
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Rush chronology
All the World's a Stage
A Farewell to Kings

All the World's a Stage is a double live album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1976. The album was recorded at Massey Hall in Toronto on June 11 through 13 during their 2112 tour. Similar to the track "Limelight" from 1981's album Moving Pictures, the title of this album alludes to William Shakespeare's play As You Like It.

According to the liner notes, this live album (Rush's first) marks the end of the "first chapter of Rush," and would mark the start of a trend of releasing a live album after each four studio album cycle. Songs like "Bastille Day" and "Anthem" are similar to their studio versions with the addition of Neil Peart's drum solo during "Working Man".

Track listingEdit

  1. "Bastille Day" – 4:57 (Lee, Lifeson, Peart)
  2. "Anthem" – 4:56 (Lee, Lifeson, Peart)
  3. "Fly by Night / In the Mood" (Lee, Peart) / (Lee) – 5:03
  4. "Something for Nothing" (Lee, Lifeson, Peart) – 4:02
  5. "Lakeside Park" (Lee, Lifeson, Peart) – 5:04
  6. "2112" – Total Time: – 15:45 (Lee, Lifeson, Peart)
    1. "Overture" – 4:16
    2. "The Temples of Syrinx" – 2:12
    3. "Presentation" – 4:27
    4. "Soliloquy" – 2:22
    5. "Grand Finale" – 2:28
  7. "By-Tor & the Snow Dog" – 11:57 (Lee, Lifeson, Peart)
    • I. At the Tobes of Hades
    • II. Across the Styx
    • III. Of the Battle
      • 1. Challenge and Defiance
      • 2. 7/4 War Furor
      • 3. Aftermath
      • 4. Hymn of Triumph
    • IV. Epilogue
  8. "In the End" (Lee, Lifeson) – 7:13
  9. "Working Man / Finding My Way" (Lee, Lifeson) / (Lee, Lifeson) – 14:56 (includes a Peart drum solo)
  10. "What You're Doing" (Lee, Lifeson) – 5:39

Songs with "/" in the title indicate song medleys. Following along at the end of the last song the album closes with a bit of post-show chatter among the band members and the sound of a slamming of a door as they leave the venue. This section sounds like it was probably re-created in the studio rather than having been recorded at an actual live performance.

The medley on track 9 is marked as above on the album but runs as follows: "Working Man (first half)/Finding My Way/Working Man (second half)/Drum Solo" before jamming out the end of the medley.

To accommodate the limitations imposed by the vinyl format, the album's running order differs to the actual set list played (as evidenced by the only bootleg available from the tour). The actual song order played was "Bastille Day"; "Anthem"; "Lakeside Park"; "2112" (with abbreviated "Discovery", minus "Oracle"); "Fly by Night/In The Mood"; "Something For Nothing"; "By-Tor and the Snow Dog"; "In The End"; "Working Man/Finding My Way/Drum Solo"; Encore: "What You're Doing".



  • Recorded by the Fedco Mobile Unit
  • Mixed at Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada
  • Executive Production by Moon Records
  • Correspondence - No. 201, 55 Glencameron Rd., Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
  • "This album consists of the show which we brought to you during our North American Tours of 1976. It is an anthology of what we feel to be the high points of our concerts and recordings up to this time. It is not perfect, but it is faithful to us and to you. We have tried to strike a careful balance between perfection and authenticity, and to create a finished work that you may enjoy, and we may be proud of. This album to us, signifies the end of the beginning, a milestone to mark the close of chapter one, in the annals of Rush."


All the World's a Stage would be Rush's first US Top 40 charting album and would go Gold, alongside A Farewell to Kings and 2112 on November 16, 1977. It was certified Platinum in 1981 after the release of Moving Pictures.

Country Chart Position Date
U.S. Top LPs & Tapes (Billboard 200) 40 November 20, 1976
Canada RPM Top Albums 6 December 11, 1976


Country Organization Sales Date
U.S. RIAA Gold (500,000) November 16, 1977
U.S. RIAA Platinum (1,000,000) March 4, 1981
U.K. BPI Silver (100,000) June 7, 1982
Canada CRIA Gold (50,000) December 1, 1976
Canada CRIA Platinum (100,000) August 1, 1978


A remaster was issued in 1997.

  • The tray has a picture of the star with man painting (mirroring the cover art of Retrospective I) with "The Rush Remasters" printed in all capital letters just to the left. All remasters from Rush through Permanent Waves are like this.
  • The original CD left off "What You're Doing". This was due to time constraints (CDs could only hold 75 minutes at the time), but by the time the remasters came out, CDs could hold up to 80 minutes of music. "What You're Doing" was thus re-inserted, along with the post-show chatter and door closing.
  • The album's original triple gatefold with concert pictures was reinstated on the remaster.

Compact Disc Edit

Country Label Catalog Year
United States Mercury 822 552-2 1987
United States Mercury P2-34627
United States Mercury 314 534 627-2 1997
United States Mercury D-120111
Canada Anthem ANC-2-1005
Canada Anthem WAGK-1005
Canada Anthem ANMD-1089 1997
Canada Anthem AND-1005
Argentina Mercury 534 627-2
Brazil Mercury 822 552-2
Brazil Mercury 534 627-2
France Mercury 822 552-2
Germany Mercury 534 627-2 1997
Germany Mercury 822 552-2 1987
Japan Atlantic AMCY-318 1991

Vinyl Edit

Country Label Catalog Year
United States Mercury SRM-2-7508 1976
Canada Mercury SRM-2-7508
Canada Anthem SRM-2-7508
Canada Anthem ANR-2-1005 1977
Netherlands Mercury 6643-040 1976
Japan Mercury SFX-10012-3 1976
United Kingdom Mercury 6672-015 1976
United Kingdom Mercury 6338-771-2 1976

Cassette Tape Edit

Country Label Catalog Year
Canada Mercury MC4-2-7508
Canada Anthem MC4-2-7508


Country Label Catalog Year
Canada Mercury MC8-2-7508
Canada Anthem 8AN-2-1025


"Fly by Night/In the Mood"
  • Released:
  • Written by: Geddy Lee & Neil Peart
  • Produced by: Rush and Terry Brown
  • Chart positions: #88 US Hot 100


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