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Wouldn’t it be great if there was an animated or sci-fi movie based on the Rush universe, complete with a Rush soundtrack?

LOGLINE: In the year 2112, Tom Sawyer discovers a guitar, forbidden by The Priests of Syrinx, rulers of the planet Megadon. Embracing The Spirit of Radio, Tom wants to express his Freewill through music. Forced to Fly By Night, avoiding the Limelight, and guided by a philosopher, he uncovers a secret Closer to the Heart that threatens the governing technocracy.


SYNOPSIS/Setlist for


by Herbert Ripka

39 songs used (37 regular versions plus two acoustic versions)

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1. YYZ, 4:24, used full song, Instrumental

(EXT. - Leaving Toronto (YYZ) and arriving at the LOCAL VENUE i.e. Milwaukee (MKE).

(Incidental music, i.e. a pre-show instrumental introduction song)

(Setting the scene, LOCALIZED images of the venue's city.)

ACT 1 - A Gray World: Megadon In The Year 2112[]

2. SUBDIVISIONS (Loop), 5:33, use opening 30 seconds in a loop, Instrumental only

use opening 30 seconds in a loop, Instrumental only

Tom: "I hate the color gray! Megadon is gray."

Father Brown and four Techno-Priests walk by, interrupting Tom, "QUICKLY! ANDELE’! Get your red hots!".

* FORCE TEN (Beats), 4:28, used last 0:05.

Last five seconds of FORCE TEN are used 12 times throughout to signify the arrival of Father Brown on stage.

3. 2112-1 OVERTURE, 4:43, used 4:00

It's been 50 years since Father Brown and the Techno-Priests from the Temple of Syrinx took control of the planet Megadon from The Elder Race of Men.

All the gifts of life are held within the walls of the Temple of Syrinx. Everything is provided, but at what cost?

4. TOM SAWYER, 4:33, used 2:30. Part 1 of 2.

We also briefly see Tom’s twin uncles, on the other side of the stage. White-Haired Uncle Brian Sawyer, who works as an electrical engineer for an electrical contract manufacturer named ChipCom. Uncle Brian has a twin brother, dark-haired Uncle Bob, a software engineer also working for ChipCom. Both uncles are unmarried and live on a farm outside the Wire. Sing the last stanza at the end of Act 3, not here. DAN walks by.

Ever have the feeling you were meant for something different, something more?

5. WORKING MAN, 7:10, used 1:45

It seems to me I could live my life A lot better than I think I am.

6. SUBDIVISIONS, 5:33, used 2:45

Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone. High school cliques become tomorrow's politics.

7. 2112-2 TEMPLES OF SYRINX, 3:29, used full song.

Setting the scene. Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone. High school cliques become tomorrow's politics. LOCALIZED images of the venue's suburbs.

8. ANTHEM, 4:22, used 2:30. Part 1 of 2.

Tom’s twin uncles, Uncle Bob and Brian, come for a visit in the City. Know your place in life is where you want to be.

Smell-A-Vision! #1[]

(Broadcast the scent of cheap perfume during In The Mood and Cold Fire)

9. IN THE MOOD, 3:34, used 3:20

After work, Tom & Huck go back to Ray and Dot's, a LOCAL bar. Tom meets Becky Thatcher, a free spirit. Tom and Huck vie for Becky’s attention. All three leave the bar together, with Becky walking between Tom and Huck, holding both hands. The stage is dark and we don't know if Tom or Huck is with Becky.

10. COLD FIRE, 4:26, used 2:40

VERY DARK, In Becky’s apartment, after midnight. Who is in bed with Becky? After it is revealed that Tom is with Becky, Huck is visibly miffed, and walks off, mad at Tom. Tom takes a break from work, life, Huck and all things Megadon. He goes to visit his twin uncle’s farm.

11. 2112-3 DISCOVERY, 3:29, used full song

At his twin uncle’s farm, Tom makes a Discovery of a forbidden guitar hidden behind a waterfall. Uncle Bob gives Tom the guitar. Tom learns to play. The guitar is a remnant of a bygone era that was kept for all these years. Tom paints the words “FREE WILL” on Uncle Bob’s guitar. Tom returns from his uncle’s farm.

12. LIMELIGHT (Acoustic Version), 4:20, used 2:15

Uncle Bob and Brian come to the City. Uncle Bob finds a gig for Tom and his new acoustic instrument. Tom plays "new" music at the underground Samizdat Bar with a starting drummer. Emboldened by his initial fame, a naive Tom decides to share his Discovery with the Priests. FORCE TEN BEATS #4.

13. 2112-4 PRESENTATION, 3:42, used 2:45

Naively, Tom presents the guitar to the Priests. FATHER BROWN: Tom Sawyer! You are charged with the creation of new music, a galactic crime. When questioned as to where the guitar came from, Tom briefly blurts out, “Uncle Bob. . .”, then bites his tongue, knowing he made a mistake. Uncle Bob is arrested. Tom manages to escape, climbing Jacob's Ladder, and using an override code "2112" that his Uncle Bob told him about. He meets with Uncle Brian. Will Uncle Bob be recycled?

14. ANTHEM, 4:22, used 0:30. Part 2 of 2.

Uncle Brian only sings the last stanza, since Uncle Bob is being detained. Three Problems. Problem #1: Tom is wanted by the Priests. Problem #2: Uncle Bob in custody, in danger of becoming The People’s food. Problem #3: Uncle Brian is also in danger. Who else? Tom runs off to go back to Becky. Now, a Fourth Problem?

15. ENTRE NOUS, 4:37, used 2:45

Romance, On the rocks? Without gaps, we would never feel the need to change and grow. Tom & Becky fall asleep in bed.

16. 2112-5 ORACLE: THE DREAM, 2:00

Tom dreams a dream, a vision of the future. An ORACLE sings about the future.) An Oracle shows that the EROM (Elder Race of Men) are planning to return and take back Megadon, after a 50-year absence. ORACLE: Find your own answers. You will be getting a message soon, veiled in smoke. Tom is in despair, despite the Oracle’s message, and flees Becky’s apartment. FORCE TEN BEATS #5: Father Brown's Brownshirts start the Trial Of Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is charged with two crimes, and is led away, to be recycled into the people's food. The thought of his Uncle Bob's body being shared as a meal for all made Tom want to retch . . . And Revolt.

17. 2112-6 SOLILOQUY, 2:21, used 2:00

Tom is in despair about Uncle Bob, and conflicted about making new music. Wandering the streets Tom runs into Becky.

18. FORCE TEN, 4:28, used 2:00

Tom is encouraged by Becky. Tough times demand tough talk, demand tough hearts demand tough songs. Tom “looks around”, sleepy, spinning and delirious, runs away from Becky. Tom runs into Huck on the street. Tom recaps the last 10 days. Tom & Huck reconcile. Tom in despair/ suicidal, consoled by Huck.

19. SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, 3:59, used 2:30

Tom hears the Oracle again. It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong. Nothing happens unless something moves. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Fight back, but how? Tom is encouraged by Huck. Tom visits Becky on the way to the airport.

20. FLY BY NIGHT, 3:21, used 2:00

Tom's group disperses and hides. FORCE TEN BEATS #6: Father Brown and the Techno-Priests are approaching. Tom flees for his life from the Priests from the Temple of Syrinx. You get the government you put up with. Becky is scared, and flees. Tom remembers what the Oracle said. Good friend Huck offers to help, as they escape . . . and discover. Away from all things Megadon! End with FORCE TEN BEATS #7.

21. LA VILLA STRANGIATO, 9:35, used full song, Instrumental.

"Entr'acte"  (15 minute intermission, extended instrumental, or add CAMERA EYE, 10:59, ?) SCENE IDEA: Display a Spectrum Analysis of the "Entr'acte" music as it is playing. I.e. "Permanent Waves".

ACT 2 - Finding My Way (How Did We Get Here?)[]

Smell-A-Vision! #2[]

(Broadcast "The fragrance of Afghanistan" during A Passage to Bangkok.)

22. A PASSAGE TO BANGKOK, 3:34, used 2:00

FORCE TEN BEATS #8: Father Brown and the Techno-Priests are searching for Tom and Huck. After Flying By Night, Tom & Huck travel the world to find answers, ending in India. They are always just a few steps ahead of Father Brown's Brownshirts. Tom and Huck pass Dan the philosopher (in native costume) several times on their world tour, without noticing him.Tom & Huck smoke a few, and their eyes open, finally recognizing Dan: "Oh, you're the one that the Oracle talked about!!" Open the Doors of Perception.

23. THE PASS, 4:51, used 2:30

Tom & Huck meet Dan Ryan, a philosopher, in Rishikesh, India. When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru. An unbalanced world, All caused by a failure to listen to the heart. You could have stayed in Hamilton. The teacher is always there, always available where ever you are. Look!

24. A FAREWELL TO KINGS, 5:51, used 2:00

History starts way before the year 2062, when a galaxy-wide war put all planets under the rule of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. Empires. Feudalism. Renaissance. Space Age. Computer Age. Nuclear Age. Quantum Age. No one learns from history. Becky finds them, after getting a note from Huck.

25. FREEWILL, 5:23, used 4:00

History is full of human action. The past is done. The future is open. The choice is today. Are you ready to make a choice? Dan asks Tom to choose to decide, faith vs. free will.


26. THE SPIRIT OF RADIO, 4:57, used 4:30

Greed (and Hope). Fake Entertainment versus Real audience. Audience sing-along. (LIGHTS ON in auditorium. Encourage a sing-along) I’d love to sing on the radio, create new music. But the Priests showed us a contract, with an offer we couldn't refuse . . .

27. THE BIG MONEY, 5:35, used 2:30

It controls the world. Greed. Fake Money. Fake Accounting. Monopoly power. Corporatism. Production without sales is scrap. Sales without production is crap.  Making modern music is “free” because its all Paid For By Advertising. That’s Big Money.

28. THE TREES, 4:43, used 2:30

A political fable set in a forest. Canadian Maples vs US Oaks? Totalitarianism arrives by ballot. Equality above all. 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.

29. BASTILLE DAY, 4:38, used 2:00


30. LOCK AND KEY, 5:08, used 2:30

Your EGO is lurking beneath, and must be kept under wraps.

31. MANHATTAN PROJECT, 5:05, used 2:00

Atomic destruction. The Battle of 2062.

32. RED SECTOR A, 5:10, used 2:30

Inhumanity and hope?

33. VITAL SIGNS, 4:43, used 2:30

For the past 50 years, Uncles Bob & Brian have been building a hidden embedded switch into all chips that can shut down Megadon's computers and defenses. Its not a bug, its a feature! Tom, in case I’m caught, here is the launch code!! Becky drops hints.

34. CLOSER TO THE HEART, 2:51, used 2:30

Quartet by all, each sings a stanza. Tom learns to open his heart, and learns that life is about balance and human nature. Tom takes a break, borrows his uncle’s red sports car, and takes it for a spin with Becky. FORCE TEN BEATS #9. They are chased by the Four Priests in their gleaming alloy air-car.

Smell-A-Vision! #3[]

(Broadcast the scent of "Well-weathered leather, Hot metal and oil" during Red Barchetta)

35. RED BARCHETTA, 6:06, used 3:20. Part 1 of 2.

However, while Tom is out driving, FORCE TEN BEATS #10: Father Brown and the four Techno-Priests capture the Three: Huck, Dan and Uncle Brian. The Brownshirts also capture Tom’s FREEWILL guitar. Tom barely escapes, and is on the run.

36. DREAMLINE, 4:38, used 1:30

Only two stanzas. Meanwhile, feeling responsible for his neglect of the Three, Tom decides to save them, join his friends, and finally face Father Brown. He drives to The City in his uncle’s Red Barchetta, and surrenders. The Brownshirts capture him & Becky, and he joins the others (Huck, Dan and Uncle Brian) who were arrested on the Farm. FATHER BROWN: “A trial is to be held immediately!”

37. SHOW DON'T TELL, 5:01, used 2:30

Father Brown confronts Tom, the truth comes out: We are not cattle, We are individuals. Tom confronts Becky, the truth comes out: Becky is pregnant. Tom smashes his guitar labeled "Freewill" on Father Brown.

Dan is shot. "And I'm not liking the color red either!"

In the general melee, Tom, Huck, Becky and Uncle Brian escape from the Brownshirts, and head to the Farm in the Red Barchetta.

38. RED BARCHETTA, 6:06, used 0:30. Part 2 of 2

Tom Sawyer says, “WTF”. On his signal, Huck presses Uncle Brian' “PUSH” button. (LIGHTS OFF in theater for 5 seconds) The Signal is Sent!!  The embedded chips shut down the defenses. The power is out! Clocks and Computers are shutting down! The EROM launch, and leave for Megadon.

39. TIME STAND STILL (Acoustic Version), 5:07, used 3:20

(Clock) Time is standing still. The EROM (Elder Race of Men) are on their way. Tom savors this stalled time with Becky.

40. FINDING MY WAY, 5:06, used 2:30

“I’m goin’ by the back door.” using UTS built by ChipCom. EROM, UTS, WTF, PUSH? acronyms. Two meanings for UTS, eROM, WTF. The EROM are approaching Megadon. The attack is about to begin!!

No Intermission - (Add Drum Solo, symbolizing bombs and gunfire?) (Lights flashing))

ACT 3 - The Future Of Megadon (Two Alternate Endings)[]

41. 2112-7 THE GRAND FINALE, 2:14, used full song

"We have assumed control" Who won the battle of Megadon?

POSITIVE VERSION: The Elder Race of Men, or

NEGATIVE VERSION: The Techno-Priests from the Temple of Syrinx? FORCE TEN BEATS #11.

42. NEW WORLD MAN, 3:42, used 2:30

You are responsible for your life.

Not god,

not the government,

not the politician,

not your parents,

not your spouse.

Take control.

Or be controlled.

"Anything can happen", If you are a Prime Mover!

43. TOM SAWYER, 4:34, used 0:30. Part 2 of 2.

Freedom isn’t free. Nothing happens unless something moves. It all starts with one man.

POSITIVE VERSION: The Kiss, Tom & Becky go to “Bob’s Veggie Burgers"  OR

NEGATIVE VERSION: Tom is led into “Uncle Bob’s Burgers”. The Grind. NEXT?? End with FORCE TEN BEATS #12.

--- THE END ---


44. YYZ, 4:24, used full song, Instrumental

(BOTH VERSIONS: Leaving From LOCALIZED Milwaukee (MKE) back to Toronto Canada (YYZ). Reverse the order of images from the opening pre-show scene)


Read the full screenplay [1]

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